Exciting news! We have moved to a new office in Courbevoie, Paris, right next to the bustling business district of La Défense. 

Our office offers a beautiful view, ample natural light and all the amenities needed for a productive and happy team. 

At MobiWire, we value a great work environment and are thrilled to call this new space home. 

Please, join us for a virtual tour!


We are a young and dynamic group representing diverse cultures and backgrounds from around the world. 

We also offer opportunities for young talents to grow through internships and apprenticeships, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Please, join us virtually and experience a team that genuinely cares about your success!


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Pascal Dubreucq
President of MobiWire SAS

As President of MobiWire SAS, I bring over 27 years of international business experience, specializing in telecommunications.

With a focus on driving growth and success, my expertise lies in business transformation, innovation and profitable business models.

I have a proven track record in leadership, working with diverse teams across continents.

Committed to MobiWire’s continued growth, I always lead our company towards new achievements.


Pierre Dupic
CEO of MobiWire

In my 25 years of experience in the mobile industry, I have been in various sales position from Key Account Manager to Group Account Director at Sagem Mobiles.

I started my experience at MobiWire as Sales Director and opened our main customers between 2012 and 2015.

Finally, I took over the position of VP Sales and Marketing before taking the lead of our mobiles and accessories activities as co-CEO of MobiWire SAS,and CEO of MobiWire.

I am always focusing on business development and customer satisfaction for a sustainable growth of our company.

David Charlot
CEO of MobiIoT

In my 22 years in the TelCo industry, I have occupied positions as an Engineer and Project Manager at Alcatel.

I oversaw Project Departments in Shanghai and had the opportunity to lead teams as a Senior Program Manager at Sony-Ericsson and Sagem- Wireless.

As Co-CEO of MobiWire SAS and CEO of MobiloT, I supervise the IoT division’s growing activities, by leading product projects, HR, quality customer support, and operations.

My dedication is driving continuous growth and innovation at MobiWire Group.


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