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MobiPrint: Mobile and Print

Inventeur du concept et pionnier depuis 2009 dans le design, fabrication,
livraison, distribution des terminaux mobiles avec imprimante thermique,


Paris, May 1st, 2017,

A new generation of Mobiprint specially dedicated to rural merchants will soon be distributed in Africa and neighboring countries: the MPLite. The payment terminal will be unveiled in avant-première at Seamless Middle East, from 1st to 2nd May, where MobiWire will be exposing its solutions on the French Pavilion, stand D60-H, Za'abeel Halls 4 - 6 at Dubai International and Convention Center in United Arab Emirates.

Acknowledged as the industrial heir of the Sagem mobile’s activity, MobiWire is at its 4th generation of Mobiprint. The French-based company has started in 2009 to establish itself in the electronic-transaction technology by inventing an innovative and unique solution for unbanked area merchants, becoming the leader of the market and naming this turnkey solution Mobiprint.


At the launch of Mobiprint, MobiWire deployed over 40,000 units in South America while answering to a call for tenders for an alternative to card payment terminals too often unadapted to modest businesses. A simple combination of a mobile phone and a thermal printer, the Mobiprint precisely satisfied a long-awaited demand of the market of network merchants and retailers, mostly far from cities and banks. Connect and Print was Mobiprint’s first slogan and fundamentally resumes the core of the terminal, capable of instant data synchronization and printing out a proof of transaction in a simple way.

In 2012, MobiWire launched the MobiPrint² which was designed with a wider display and an ergonomic design dedicated to outdoors businesses and merchants. Principally used for air-time top up, representing more than 90% of the use cases of the terminal, MobiPrint² enabled an increasing number of customers to perform and expand their businesses via a simple-to-use application. Based on a Java platform, MobiPrint² continues its footprint expansion in Africa, Middle East and Asia while immediately exceeding the first generation’s launch volumes.

Strong with its growing reputation and trust from its partners such as Trinity (RSA), S2M in North Africa or SEE Egypt, MobiWire tailored in 2015 the 3rd generation device, running on a touchscreen Android platform this time, in order to respond to a wider panel of use cases, such as lottery, mobile payment, stock management, ordering and delivery services. With a high-end and elegant design, Mobiprint 3 operates mainly in urban centers and is best used as a store cash register.

To carry on its expansion addressing unserviced populations which predominantly pay by cash, MobiWire has decided to launch on 2017 its next generation terminal, the MPLite. A mobile and a printer, in a locked firmware, with the micro USB port as sole connector, to add accessories such as a scanner or a keyboard. MPLite also comes with a cradle, enabling the recharge of a second battery, making it the proper Mobiprint for all rural merchants.

About us

MobiWire is a French manufacturer specialized in the design, production and delivery of connected devices (mobile phone, IoT solution and payment terminal) addressing the world of telecoms and IoT. MobiWire has built its reputation and credibility in the mobile industry as an Original Design Manufacturer and continues its expansion worldwide. Expert in the design and production of payment terminal dedicated to cash and electronic transactions by the creation of an unique solution, the Mobiprint, MobiWire aspires to a stronger market leadership in launching in 2017 its 4th generation Mobiprint, the MPLite.

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