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With over one million devices delivered in 2013 across Europe, French mobile manufacturer MobiWire, formerly Sagem Mobiles, is positioning itself as a significant player in the mobile-telecommunications industry. MobiWire will host a series of business meetings to present its range of innovative products and services during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will take place from 24 to 27 February 2014, in Barcelona (Spain).

Bruno Mortreux, CEO of MobiWire, says: “MobiWire is a prompt follower within the industry: we base our strategy for mobile phones on our reactivity and ability to produce a full range of terminals, with everything from different display sizes to the latest operating systems. Most importantly, we are able to offer ID designs in relation to the customer’s roadmap.” MobiWire will present its products and technology during a series of business meetings at the Hotel Fira Congress during Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014. The trade show is taking place in Barcelona (Spain) from 24 to 27 February.

The hotel is situated close to the exhibition centre. The next step, for MobiWire, is to expand the business outside France and continue to develop products that correspond to the needs and expectations of operators and retailers. MobiWire aims to launch a range of mobile phones under its own brand and is determined to establish itself in the entry segment of the market. Bruno Mortreux adds: “We are expecting net growth in the coming months, as we are enhancing our customer satisfaction while securing proven quality. We want to become the go-to company for operators that are strongly committed to European quality, but that are also looking for a tailor-made service. Our flexibility is our driving force.” Since 2011, MobiWire has developed a selection of products designed to fulfil the needs of major mobile-telecoms operators.

The company bases its strategy on a dual-market approach: on the one hand, it produces smartphones that incorporate the latest technologies, in line with current trends in the market, and, on the other, it provides a range of mobile-payment terminals dedicated to cash and electronic transactions. MobiWire stands out when it comes to quality of delivery thanks to its superior supply-chain flexibility. The company is constantly upgrading its production capacity and has proved highly adaptable over the past year when it comes to delivering significant volumes of feature phones.

The after-sales figures communicated by telecoms operators show excellent return rates. The company’s flexible approach and original designs enhance its standing as an original design manufacturer (ODM) giving priority to product quality and customer satisfaction: this is a position that has been established thanks to growing partnerships with major European mobile network operators (MNO), who have chosen to commercialize MobiWire’s handsets. About MobiWire MobiWire is a French-based manufacturer of mobile-telecoms devices, which designs and delivers tailor-made, connected high-tech solutions on behalf of local and global players in the mobile-telecoms industry. MobiWire will be showcasing its products and technology during a series of business meetings to be held at the Hotel Fira Congress during Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014.

The Hotel Fira Congress is situated approximately five minutes on foot from the Fira Gran Via exhibition centre, where MWC is taking place (full address below), from 24 to 27 February 2014, in Barcelona (Spain). MWC is one of the world’s leading events for mobile telecommunications, services and content. Hotel Fira Congress C/ de José Agustín Goytisolo, 9-11 08908 – Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona – Spain For further information about the trade show, please go to: For further information about the company, please go to: