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MobiWire has unveiled MobiPrint² at GITEX 2012 and after a year has confirmed its leadership in cash transaction terminal worldwide. The manufacturer will attend GITEX Technology Week 2013 in Dubai from 20th to 24th October to showcase its terminal and its use cases, and will bring together the main partners to express their trust in the product. While cash payment counts for over 80 % of all transactions worldwide, retailers seek every day for new business use cases to substitute, diversify or authenticate this means of payment. Designed for its partners, MobiPrint² has been manufactured with a thermal printer, capable of providing an instant proof of purchase to the end-customer. Adopting a Java environment, the mobile POS can integrate unlimited programs enabling business expansion to its partners based on tailored use cases.

In this constantly evolving market, MobiPrint² has efficiently taken part in the Mobile Payment scenery as a leader in cash- and e-transaction. MobiWire has partnered with over 50 customers in the southern hemisphere in a year and offered new solutions to credit top-up, ticketing, e-wallet, e-voucher and lottery. The business is currently booming in MENA and finds its way to sub-Saharan Africa. It is now in the position to contribute further in increasing retail stores’ turn-over through POS management and background synchronization. Money transfer and stock management are currently being developed, accrediting the value of the device in the market.

The acknowledge success of the MobiPrint² is now growing to other regions in the world where banking services tend to be rare and cash payments are the principal means of transaction. While celebrating the 2 years of MobiWire, the company’s CEO, Bruno Mortreux enthusiastically confirms “the rise of MobiPrint² in the mobile Payment and MobiWire’s position as a design manufacturer of mobile payment device worldwide”.

About MobiWire MobiWire is a French manufacturer of mobile-related technology which provides a range of products that are designed on behalf of global brands, including OEMs, mobile-telecom operators and retailers, for the mass market while also being adaptable to vertical markets. MobiWire’s products apply to its dual-market approach, as the company produces, on the one hand, smartphones that incorporate the most up-to-date market trends and technologies, therefore fulfilling the needs of major mobile-telecoms operators. On the other hand, as an expert in wireless-payment terminals, MobiWire has taken the lead in this segment of the market and provides a family of mobile payment terminals dedicated to cash- and electronic-transactions.

The company will be on the French Pavilion Stand D4-23, Hall 4, at GITEX Technology Week, in Dubai, from 20 to 24 October 2013. For further information about the company, please go to: