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MobiWire will showcase MobiPrint², the latest version of its transaction-processing terminal, at Mobile World Congress 2013. The white-label company, a specialist in cash- and electronic-transaction technology and a manufacturer of mobile phones, will attend the trade show in Barcelona (Spain) from 25 to 28 February 2013. Since 2009, French-based MobiWire has provided customers across Latin America and South Africa with more than 50,000 of its point of sale (POS) terminals. The white-label company unveiled MobiPrint², the second generation of its transaction-processing terminal, at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) in Dubai (UAE) in October 2012.

MobiPrint² is now used in various parts of the Middle East, Western Africa and Latin America, expanding the company’s footprint to countries where banking services tend to be rare and cash payments are the principal means of transaction. Fares Mounsi, Product Manager at MobiWire, explains, “We look forward to continuing with the extension of our business in the southern hemisphere and are convinced that MobiPrint² is the most adapted and well-equipped terminal capable of addressing cash-payment regions and converting them into supporters of electronic transactions. This second-generation terminal with enhanced features has been positively perceived as much for its autonomy as for its quality.” ISO 9001-registered MobiWire, a leader in cash- and electronic-transaction technology, will exhibit MobiPrint² in Hall 5 (Stand 5E100) at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona (Spain), from 25 to 28 February 2013.

The company is seeking to increase distribution of MobiPrint². MobiPrint², which represents the latest generation of MobiWire’s transaction technology, has an improved ergonomic design with an advanced thermal printer. The product also has enhanced language options and provides a user-friendly user experience (UX). MobiPrint² can be used for a wide range of services, such as making payments and topping up mobile-phone credit. Each customer receives payment confirmation by SMS and the terminal prints a receipt. This technology means that transactions can take place anywhere, at any time, guaranteeing a proof of payment for each transaction. MobiPrint² supports POS management and background synchronization, in order for retail stores to vary and differentiate their business models, while increasing turnover. The MobiPrint range aims to automate payment processes in countries where standard banking systems are not fully in place.

As an expert in wireless-payment terminals, MobiWire has taken the lead in this segment of the market. MobiWire’s products and services are adapted to its dual-market approach, as the company also produces smartphones that incorporate the most up-to-date market trends and technologies, therefore fulfilling the needs of major mobile-telecoms operators. The company’s flexible approach and original designs enhance its position as an original design manufacturer (ODM). This is a position that has been confirmed by growing partnerships with major European mobile network operators that are based on the commercialization of MobiWire’s mobile phones.

White-label company MobiWire provides a range of products and services that are designed for the mass market, yet are tailor-made for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and mobile network operators (MNOs), while also being adaptable to vertical markets. About MobiWire MobiWire is a French manufacturer of mobile-related technology which designs and delivers tailor-made connected devices on behalf of global brands, including OEMs, mobile-telecoms operators and retailers. The company will be on Stand 5E100, Hall 5, at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona (Spain), from 25 to 28 February 2013. For further information about the trade show, please go to: For further information about the company, please go to: