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MobiWire has inherited its proven European quality system from strong track record of delivering high quality products.

Its well-established expertise is a result of 15 years of partnership with the Asian Electronic Manufacturing Service, MobiWire Mobiles Ningbo, fomerly Sagetel, which was Sagem Mobiles’ manufacturing plant. Together, they have manufactured over 100 million devices. More than 2,500 employees work on guaranteeing the high quality level and cost competitiveness of products.



Mobiwire SAS has inherited its European quality system and production skills from the long existing partnership between Sagem and Bird.

Sagem first launched its mobile phone division in 1995, where it shared its certified European quality system in product development and manufacturing with Ningbo Bird Co. Ltd.. Sagem and Ningbo Bird cooperated to become main actors of the mobile phone market and propelled Sagem in the international scale to the 5th rank of European mobile phone manufacturers.

Sagem Mobiles Ningbo Co. Ltd. was then founded in January 2003 with the joint venture of the leading French mobile manufacturer Sagem and the Asian electronic manufacturing service Ningbo Bird Co. Ltd., and acquired the recognition of compliance with high quality level required by global operators.

By 2009, Sagetel Mobiles Ningbo was created and became sole proprietor of former Sagem Mobiles Ningbo Co. Ltd. factory.

Since July 2011, Mobiwire SAS was founded as a spin-off of Sagem Mobiles relying on over 15 years of experience in handsets development with its R&D and manufacturing plant Mobiwire Mobiles Ningbo Co. Ltd..

Having built a reputation based on Sagem Mobiles experience and Sagetel know-how, ISO 9001-registered Mobiwire SAS designs and delivers mobile phones and connected devices, and enhances its position as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), by growing partnerships with main European Mobile Network Operators and local retailers.

Today, Mobiwire SAS brings to the market high quality products built on the scale and cost benefits oriented and designed to fulfill the needs of major mobile-telecom operators, while also adaptable to vertical markets.


MobiWire Mobiles Ningbo factory has successfully achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification by BSI in 2004.
  1. High standard production lines and manufacturing capabilities
  2. Advanced SAP enterprise resource planning system
  3. Sophisticated Quality Control
  4. Use of technologically advanced Surface-mount Technology (SMT)
  5. Automated fault detection capabilities
  6. Automated production line testing
  7. Reliable fault analysis and troubleshooting
  8. Employees involved in quality improvement program
  9. Environmentally friendly factory
  10. Use of quality components